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Segment Integration: the complete guide
Segment Integration: the complete guide

Everything you need to know to use Segment Events & Identities in Screeb

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Use Segment Events and Identities in Screeb to build your user segmentation strategies and decide to whom and when you'll display your surveys.

1️⃣ Install the Segment integration in Screeb

First, you need to install the Segment integration in Screeb.

Go to the Integrations section

And in the catalog, clic on the Segment integration

The Segment integration is now installed on your Screeb account.

But you still need to link it with your Segment account.

On the Segment integration screen, click on the "Copy" button to copy your API key. You'll need it to link the two solutions.

2️⃣ Add Screeb to Segment

Now, go to your Segment account. Go to Catalog, and to the Destinations tab. Here, search for Screeb.

Click on Screeb and, on the new screen that appeared, click on "Configure Screeb."

Select the source from where you want to send data to Screeb, give a name to this new destination, and click on Save.

On the screen that just appeared, click on the red API Key field, and then on the Edit button.

The API Key field is now editable.

Paste the API Key you copied in Screeb in this field and then click on Save.

And now, to start sending your events and identities to Screeb, the last thing you need to do is to activate the destination by switching on the toggle.

You switch it on, the integration is fully activated!

3️⃣ Check if the installation went well

If you want to check if the installation went well, you can go back to Screeb.

Click on Settings, and then on Visitor Events.

On this screen, you'll see the complete list of events you track with our own tag and with Segment. If your events are displayed on this list, then it means everything went fine!

You can do the same for Visitor Properties, to check if your Segment identities are pushed to Screeb.

Now, you can use both Events and Identities to build your user segmentation strategies and display your surveys!

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