You want to export your data and be able to use them anywhere you want? Here's how to do it.

Where can I find the export feature?

The Screeb export feature is located in the All Responses dashboard. Go to the Survey you want to export data from, and click on Analyze.

Here, you have an Export button, on top of the screen.

Choose your export option

When you click on the Export button, you can choose which data you want to export.

you have two choices:

  • Export all, that will export every data of this survey, from the beginning

  • Export with filters, that will on export the results of your Time and Segment filters

In both cases, we attach to your surveys answers every user properties you may collect, and the one we collect by default. So you have all the information you need in your Export.

In which format my data are exported?

When you export your survey data from Screeb, we generate a CSV file that you can use anywhere you want.

Most software enabling you to manipulate data accept CSV, so you should be covered.

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