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How to choose who will see your surveys (Simple)
How to choose who will see your surveys (Simple)

Current page, time spent, device... Use behavioural targeting conditions to decide who will see your surveys

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More about targeting:

In Screeb, you can decide who will see the survey you are creating using simple behavioural targeting conditions.

It means that Screeb is able to track basic user behaviour in your app and use them as displaying conditions for your surveys. Here's how to do it.

Go to Share

Select the survey you want to display, and go to the Share options.

Targeting Conditions

On this screen, you find several conditions to decide who will see your survey.

Here we'll review the Simple ones. If you want to know more about the Advanced ones, click here.

1️⃣ : You can include or exclude some device by ticking/unticking these conditions

2️⃣ : By default, your survey will be shown on every pages your tag is installed on. Here, you can enter a specific URL or a part of it. For example, you can use or /product.

3️⃣ : With this condition, you can decide after how many seconds the survey will appear on the page. Its counts the time spent on the current page of your app.

4️⃣ : This targeting condition let you decide how long your users will see your survey.

For now you can only choose to display it until they submit a response (or close the survey). In the past, you were also able to continue displaying the survey even after a response but this condition is now deprecated.


Don't forget to save your targeting settings with the green Save button on the top right corner. If your survey was not displayed to your users yet, you can also click on Launch to... launch it!

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