Harvestr is a product management platform that helps you better collaborate in your product team and make informed roadmap decisions based on data and customer feedback.

Those feedback can come from email, Intercom, Zendesk, Slack, Salesforce... and Screeb!

Here's how to connect Screeb to Harvestr:

1️⃣ Install the Harvestr integration on Screeb

Go to your Screeb account, and click on the Integrations link in the menu.

There, look for Harvestr and click on "Install"

Now, you'll need the email address of your Harvestr inbox

2️⃣ Get your Harvestr inbox email address

To get it, go to your Harvestr account, and click on the ⚡️ icon in the menu to go to the Integrations sections.

On this section, click on "Mail".

There, you have to copy the email address that is displayed on the screen.

3️⃣ Use the Harvestr inbox email address in Screeb

Go back to Screeb, and paste the email address in the email field on the Harvestr integration screen.

Once it's done, the Install button on the upper-right corner becomes green and you can click on it.

You should have a confirmation message appearing on the upper-right corner of Screeb once it's done.

4️⃣ How to send feedback to Harvestr

Now that the installation is done (yeah, I know, that was easy), go back to your surveys, and go to the Analyze section.

Here, look for an important feedback and open it. Once open, you'll see a Send to Harvestr button.

You just have to click on this button for the feedback to be automatically sent to the Harvestr inbox!

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