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👉 How to choose who will see your surveys (Simple)

👉 How to use your users' properties to choose when to display surveys

In Screeb, you can precisely decide who will see your surveys with our Advanced Targeting Engine. Here's how to use it.

Go to Share

Select the survey you want to display, and go to the Share options.

Go to Advanced

On the right of the screen, click on Advanced to enter into the advanced targeting engine.

Here, you find the same conditions as in the simple mode, but displayed in a more flexible way.

The first (1) condition is the same as the "Display over and over, even if they submit a response" one that you find in the Simple mode. We don't recommend using it anymore.

The seconde (2) condition is the device one, the 3 types of device being enabled by default. You can click on any of them to unselect it.

Using Advanced conditions

Click on Add a trigger (3) to add a new targeting condition. When you do that, you see that a new line is added.

By default, it's an URL condition that is added, but by clicking on dropdown list on the left-end side of the line, you can change it.

Here is the list of all the conditions available :

  • URL

  • Language

  • Country

  • Delay

  • User Property

For every condition you add, you can set the operator (Is/Is Not, Contains/Does Not Contain, Greater Than/Less Than), and the value that is going to be checked.

👉 Read more here about using a User Property in your targeting strategy.

A user has to respect ALL the conditions you set to see the survey.

An Example

So let's say you want to target your users who are on desktop (1), on every pages of your app containing the word "account" in their URL (2), that are speaking Spanish (3) and are Managers (4).

Here's how you conditions would look like:

To finish, don't forget to save your settings by clicking on the green Save buttons on the top right corner of your screen !

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