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👉 How to use your users' properties to choose when to display surveys

Since the targeting engine built by Screeb runs in the background, you may not understand which rules prevent your survey from being displayed to a user.

What can I do?

First, you need to launch a few surveys into the Web channel.

On your website, click-right on your page, then click on "Inspect".

In the Developer Tools, click on the "console" tab and enter the following Javascript command:


Then <enter>.

You will get the list of your running surveys and the associated targeting rules.

The rules with a green dot 🟢 are the ones that have been validated for this user. The rules with a red dot 🔴 are not validated and maybe the reason why your survey is not displayed.

What does 'Multiple display' mean?

When the "Multiple display" rule is set to "false 🔴", it means your survey has been already displayed to the current user and so you can't see it again.

This information is also visible in the user timeline where you can see that the survey has already been displayed:

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