You can add Screeb to your web app in a blink, by simply copy and pasting your Javascript Tag.

You also have the ability to use your user's properties as displaying conditions.

And you can track your users events to display your surveys after specific users actions in your product. Here's how.

Why would I do that?

Tracking your users events will help you to use the full power of Screeb and display surveys after specific actions. You'll also be able to count these events and display your surveys after multiple events triggering.

I'm sold! How can I track my users events?

First of all, as for everything to work with Screeb, you'll need to deploy our Javascript Tag in your code. You'll find a complete guide to do it here.

Then, you can go to your Settings and click on Install Screeb.

There, click on the Track Events from Anywhere in your App section:

1 : This is the name of your event. Be as precise as possible in your naming, for your events to be easy to find and use in Screeb. It has to describe the action made by your users.

You can read more about how to implement event tracking, you can read our developper documentation.

Once your events are tracked, you can read this guide on how to use them in your use segmentation rules.

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