In the Users section of Screeb, you have access to :

  • Key usage metrics about your product: Total number of users, daily active users, monthly active users (based on the people we detected with our tag or mobile SDK)

  • The complete list of your users, with their name, email address or ID, the day we first saw them in your app and the date of the last interaction they had with your product

You can filter that list based on

  • Their last activity

  • Their ID

  • All your users properties

  • All your users events

Learn more here about how you can send us your users' properties, how you can track your users' events and how you can connect Screeb to Segment to use your existing tracking plan and identities in our product.

For each user, you also have access to a complete profile displaying all their responses to all your surveys, the events they triggered and their properties.

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