In this guide, we'll explain how you can use webhooks to connect Screeb to any other software you want (as soon as they support webhooks).

If you want to use webhook to connect Screeb to Zapier, read this complete guide:

What is a webhook?

Webhooks are callbacks, usually triggered by a HTTP request made to a specific URL. Most of the time, they are used for communication between systems. To say it in other words, webhooks are events that trigger an action into another software, when pushed through an URL.

They are really easy to use are now supported by most SaaS and automation software.

Why should I use webhooks in Screeb?

You use webhooks in Screeb when you want to push data, and especially responses, to another software.

Automatically, every time someone answers to one of your questions, the answer will be pushed automatically wherever you want. Pretty cool right?

How can I use webhooks in Screeb?

Go in the survey you want to connect, and go in the Edit section.

Now click on the question you want to collect data from. It will open a sidebar on the right of the screen.

Here, you see a Webhook section, at the bottom of the sidebar.

The only thing you need to do here is to paste the webhook URL given by the software you want to push data to. Then click on the green OK button to save it.

You can do it on every questions of your survey, to connect everything to the right tool!

Don't forget to click on the green Save button on the top right corner of the screen to save your modifications.

👉 Read our webhook documentation if you want to know more about our data format, pushed through webhooks.

Note: for now, you can't push every answer to the survey to a webhook, you must do it at the question level. This feature is on our roadmap and we'll update this article when it will be possible.

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