The Screeb Survey Widget offers a large variety of options, for you to customise your surveys to fit your product.

Here is a complete guide to master every options:

1️⃣ Find the Widget Settings in Screeb

To find the Widget Settings in Screeb,

2️⃣ The various options

  1. Name: it's the main name that will be display at the beginning of your survey. use the name of your company (as in the example) or use it to personify your survey and display the name of the person, in your organisation, who is asking the question.

  2. Description: it's a subtitle, that you can use to add more information in addition to the name. If you choose to personify your survey, you can use this to display the job title of the person (see the example below).

  3. Icon: that's the image that will be displayed next to every question. Use a logo or the picture of the person asking the question.

  4. Primary Color: that's the color of your users responses. That's the best way to make your survey fit to your product identity!

Don't forget to Save your settings with button A for name and description, and with button B for the color! The icon is auto-saved.

An example of a survey with a person's name, job title and picture.

The website domain option is mandatory but is not used for visual customisation.

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