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What does my Screeb Survey Widget look like?
What does my Screeb Survey Widget look like?

A complete style guide to understand how your surveys are displayed to your users

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Since day one, we at Screeb wanted to radically improve your respondents' experience. That's why we have an average response rate that high!

So, what does it mean? What does your surveys look like in your app? Here is the answer:

💬 Conversational Survey

When you decide to display a Conversational Survey to your users, here are its components:

1️⃣ The first question

The first question is always what we display first, when the survey is triggered. It's positioned on the bottom left corner of your app screen. In this example, we chose to ask users for a smiley rating:

2️⃣ The survey flow

When your user replies to the first question, we enter into the survey flow and we display the second question. At that moment, the first question go up on the screen and a dark background appears:

3 'typing' dots appear before the second question, to reinforce that conversational impression.

It goes on like this until the end of your survey.

3️⃣ Personification options

You can decide to display information about who, in your organisation, is asking questions:

  • The name of the person

  • It's job title

  • A photo of them

That way, your survey look more natural and your users will tend to reply even more.

But you can also decide to be more neutral and display the name of your company and your logo. The Job Title setting is optional.

🏷 Cards Survey


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